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chick and gosling
chick and gosling

We all know how hard it is leaving your pet while you go away. Well, safe in the hands of Cheshire Paws, your small furry will be comfortable in their own home environment, with their usual schedule.

Whether your pet is a hamster, rabbit, guinea pig, bird or reptile, they’ll be well looked after. We’ll feed your pet, refresh their water, clean out any cages or runs, and will of course provide lots of cuddles and TLC!

We’ll also make sure your home looks “lived in” while you’re away, opening and closing curtains, turning on lights, and bringing in any post.

You’ll also receive regular updates about how your pet is doing while you’re away.

We may ask for a set of keys to your home which will be labelled with a random code for our own identification. There will be no details of your home attached to your keys. If you are uncomfortable with this, other arrangements can be made.

What’s in the Package?

30 Minute Visit£12

Each additional pet from the same household charged at £3.

Cheshire Paws will refresh your pets food and water, as well as cleaning out any dishes and water bottles if necessary. We’ll also make sure your small furry has some treats to snack on, to keep them occupied.


Cleaning of your pets cage and run is a priority for Cheshire Paws. We’ll freshen up your pets little house, and will replace sawdust, hay and bedding so they can snuggle up comfortably. We’ll also make sure any outdoor furries are covered with a sheet if you require.


Cuddles and playtime are important in making sure your pet feels happy and content. That’s why Cheshire Paws will spend time with your small animal, ensuring they get to roam outside of their cage and enjoy some snuggles!


Leaving your home as well as your pet while you go away can be nerve-wracking. While Cheshire Paws is pet sitting your small furry, we’ll also make sure your house is safe and looked after. We’ll take care of turning on lights, opening and closing curtains and bringing in mail to ensure your house looks “lived in”. This will also help your pet feel more comfortable while they’re without you.

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